Swiss Miniature Lugano

Switzerland in one hour at a scale of 1:25. The model railways has a length of 3,650 mts among 1,500 different plants and over 15,000 flowers.
  Adult Child
Entrance prices 15 10
Combined price with Indian buffet 35 25
Gruyere Castle &
Maison de la Gruyere
You will discover the secrets of cheese-making according to
ancestral tradition.
Adults 7
Children Under 12yrs 3
Family (2 Ad + 2 Ch) 12
Chocolate Grand Schuh
See how our finest chocolate specialities are made from a liquid mixture and even try your own hand at being a chocolatier. Every day at 17:00 hrs.
Price Per Person 15
CHF 8 will be given as a Voucher in order to Purchase  
Chocolate Factory
Discover the process of chocolate manufacturing and the odours that come from it in the famous Maison Cailler (Nestlé) chocolate factory in Broc
Adults 10
Children Under 16yrs Free
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